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Legal Expenses - detailed benefits of cover

Benefits of cover can include:


Policy Section

Significant features and benefits
Crime - Pre Charge Prepare for and attend an interview with the police to do with an event which might lead to you being charged with a criminal offence.
Crime – Magistrates Court Defend a Legal Action in Magistrates Court after any event which results in criminal proceedings being brought against you, including making an appeal against your conviction or sentence.

Crime – Crown Court

Cover a sum equal to the pre conviction contributions towards your legal costs payable under the Crown Court Means Testing Scheme limited to the amount which you would be assessed as being required to pay in the absence of this insurance contract.
Disciplinary Hearings Represent you at a disciplinary hearing before the Misconduct Tribunal Panel or the Police Appeals Tribunal.
IPCC Complaints Represent you in an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Representation at Public Enquiries Represent you at a public enquiry ordered by the District Auditor.
Discrimination Defend a Legal Action following an event which results in civil proceedings being brought against you for discrimination at work. This section includes cover of up to £5,000 for awards which you may be ordered to pay.
Fund Trustees Defend a Legal Action following an event which results in civil proceedings being brought against you in respect of any act or omission or alleged act or omission as a trustee of a fund set up by your employer.

Personal Injury

Pursue personal injury claims against the responsible person/organisation.
Employment Disputes Pursue a Legal Action against your employer for a breach of your contract of employment.
Consumer Disputes Pursue or defend contract claims between you and a person/organisation providing defective goods or services to you, or to whom you have sold private goods.
Property Disputes Pursue or defend a Legal Action following the infringement of your legal rights in relation to your main home, or the alleged infringement by you of the legal rights of another person in relation to your ownership or occupation of your main home.
Tenancy Disputes Pursue a claim following your unlawful eviction from rented property.
Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery Pursue a Legal Action for financial compensation for uninsured losses arising from a road traffic accident.
Property Damage Pursue a Legal Action for financial compensation for damages against a person or organisation that causes physical damage to your main home or your personal effects.
Tax Accountancy fees to deal with an Investigation into the personal tax you have to pay.

Data Protection

Defend a Legal Action following an event which results in civil proceedings being brought against you over the way you have kept or used personal information about another person or organisation.
School Admission Disputes Appeal against the decision of a Local Education Authority (LEA) arising out of the LEA’s failure to conform with its published admission policy, which leads to your child or children being refused entry at the state school of your choice.


Pursue a Legal Action by you in respect of a probate dispute involving the will of your parents, grandparents, children, step-children or adopted children.

Personal Identity Fraud

Deal with organisations that fraudulently apply for credit in your name and to defend proceedings, reverse incorrect judgements and challenge consumer credit ratings resulting from Identity Fraud.
Motor Insurer Database Disputes Represent you in a dispute which you have with the police or other public agency in the event that your Vehicle is seized following a failure in communication between your motor insurance representative and the Motor Insurance Database which results in incorrect information about you or your Vehicle being recorded on that database.

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Legal expenses for police officers

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